Submissions are now closed. The winners have been posted here:

The Special Interest Group on Health (SIG-Health) of the Association for Information Systems will award a Best Published Paper Award at AMCIS 2016. There will be a Junior and a Senior award category when at least 5 submissions are received in each category. For each category, there will be a Best Paper Award and Meritorious Mention.

To be eligible as a Junior Researcher, you need to have been a student at the time the paper was published. This has to be reflected in your affiliation. Everyone else will be considered to be a Senior Researcher. In addition, at the time of award you need to be an AIS SIG-Health Member (only $10 for AIS members!) and present at AMCIS at the SIG Health annual business meeting to receive the award.

We will accept journal and conference papers in English that were published and in print in 2015. They need to contain original research. Papers that are editorial comments, notes, or research-in-progress are not eligible. Conference posters are not eligible. The paper needs to have been peer-reviewed. Only one paper per first author will be accepted.


To submit a paper, create a single pdf file that contains a cover page with your contact information, the paper’s DOI or publication URL, an explanation of you status if not clear from the paper, and the published version of the paper. Do not submit proofs or drafts.

Review Committee
Important Dates
  • Deadline: May 31 2016, midnight.
  • Expected Notification: June 15 2016
Review Criteria
  • Innovation:
    • Are new strategies and/or approaches described?
    • Do they improve current practices?
    • Do they enhance knowledge?
  • Impact:
    • Does the paper address a real problem?
    • Is the problem solved or diminished?
    • Is a significant part of an organization, population or the world impacted?
  • Implementation:
    • Is the innovation operational?
    • What is the breadth of the implementation?
    • Is the approach/knowledge applicable to others?
  • Appeal and Readability:
    • Is there broad interest in the problem across industries and cultures?
    • Will the paper appeal to SIG-Health membership?
    • Is the paper brief, clear, and to the point?

Gondy Leroy, PhD
Associate Professor
President AIS SIG-Health
Management Information Systems
Eller College of Management, University of Arizona

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